It is safe to say that you are Pro Technology or Pro Human?

There is a developing number of individuals who are getting to be plainly hostile to innovation nowadays. As of late in a long verbal confrontation with an “Expert Human” individual as he wished to be called; we talked about the likelihood that you are either genius human or you are against us? I snickered and said well I am expert human. He said well on the off chance that you are professional human you should be hostile to innovation.

That obviously is the most silly thing I have ever heard in all my years. He was essentially calling innovation malicious and treating the “ace human” development another religion. So I disclosed to him my position and stage, acquiring the political term.

“I am star innovation, against religion and master forward movement of mankind and I am genius Capitalism, expert free markets and ace quality of the person. I don’t trust anybody needs to pick as it is not an either or, but instead a “both or all” decision and in this manner we should push ahead.”

Why might one be against innovation? Innovation is great and it gives all of us all the more extra time to be more human with. I additionally said to him that I trusted that the more innovation we could have the better and I was for advancing innovation at whatever point I could; Damn the torpedoes “full steam ahead” or for this situation “twist 10 and lets twist some space time should we?” If this implies going out on a limb, then lets go out on a limb, quit living in dread and begin moving to our predetermination.

You see people, innovation is neither great or awful. In the event that innovation is utilized as a part of an abhorrent way then that is on the grounds that man or those “expert human” development individuals permitted it to be utilized that way. Innovation does not slaughter individuals; individuals murder individuals. Think on this in 2016.